Everything you know about Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is about to be turned upside down in this modern-day miniseries event.

Taking place 150 years later, Alice is a sci-fi dystopic reimagining of the classic Lewis Carroll stories Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. The Queen of Hearts now rules over Wonderland from the Heart Casino, where people from Alice’s world are taken to, to be sedated, gamble and play games in the casino. Their positive emotions are drained from them and turned into drug-like substances for the people of Wonderland to digest in order to keep them under the Queen’s control.

Catarina Scorsone, Andrew Lee Potts, Matt Frewer, Kathy Bates, Colm Meaney, Tim Curry, Andrew Dean StantonRPE principals:

RPE principals:
Executive Producers:
Matthew O’Connor, Lisa Richardson

Michael O’Connor

Holly Redford

14 nominations and 8 wins including 2 Primetime Emmys