Death of a Cheerleader

Lifetime Movie of the Week

Death of a Cheerleader is a psychological thriller set in the picturesque county of Colina in the 1980s where life seems ideal and the students of Hollybrook High School have above average scores and bright futures. Bridget Moretti idolizes golden girl Kelly Locke and she tries very hard to be accepted in Kelly’s elevated world by trying out for the school’s cheerleading team and the coveted yearbook staff. When both fail, and Kelly appears to be rejecting her, Bridget’s quiet anxiety turns to burning rage and the seemingly perfect county is engulfed in a tragedy they never saw coming.

Aubrey Peeples (Nashville, Sharknado), Morgan Taylor Campbell (Power Rangers, The Killing) and Sarah Dugdale (R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Arrow). A dejavu moment comes courtesy of Kellie Martin (ER, A Friend to Die For) who some fans will recognize having starred in a 1994 television movie based on the same real life event.